File a Claim Online

This service is only available to CGI customers.

Our service is different and fast

Getting you back to where you were before the incident is our priority.

24/7 Claim Response

Call 435-2000, any time day or night, we will respond and begin to process your claim.

Claim Updates

Receive regular updates on the status of your claim.

Guaranteed Repairs

Repairs done by a CGI authorized garage are guaranteed.

File a Claim

How to File a Auto Insurance Claim:

  • Tell us what happened; either by calling us on 435-2000 (24 Hours) or login to your policy and complete our online claim form.
  • One of our claims officers will contact you within 24 business hours to review the details of your claim, answer any questions and arrange to have your vehicle assessed by an authorized repairer.
  • Once the assessment is completed, we will contact you to discuss the details of the repair estimate when it is received by our office.
  • If a rental is required, one may be arranged for you according to the type of cover you have with us.
  • As the repairs progress, we will update you on the status and notify you once repairs are completed.

How to File a Home Insurance Claim:

Tell us what happened; call us on 435-2000 (24 Hours) and let us know the nature of your claim. One of our HomeMate field representatives can come to you, assist with the claims form and take photos or you can come in our office during business hours to complete the claim form and share any photos of the damage with us.

AutoMate Roadside Assistance

This is a free service available to all CGI Motor Policyholders.

What's included?

  • Accident Response - Our team will begin to process your claim at the accident scene. Towing may be included, depending on the type of cover you have.
  • Key Retrieval - We will respond if you have locked your keys in your vehicle or they have been stolen or lost. You will be responsible for any replacement costs.
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery- We will bring fuel to you wherever you are. You will be responsible for the cost of the fuel only.
  • Flat Tyre Assistance - We will respond, change your flat tyre, have it repaired or replaced and have the tyre back on your vehicle. You will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs.
  • Mechanical/Breakdown Assistance - Whether it is a dead battery or another problem, we will respond and have you on your way. You will be responsible for any battery, repair or towing costs.
  • Shuttle Service from Accident or Breakdown- We will transport you and your passengers from the scene to a single destination.

How to use it?

Call us anytime on 435-2000 when you need us.

HomeMate Household Assistance

This is a free 24 Hour service available to all CGI Comprehensive Homeowner Policyholders.

You will be responsible for any parts and/ or repair costs, not covered under your policy. Keeping in mind any applicable deductibles.

What's included?

  • Plumbing - including water supply, sanitary fittings and drainage systems.
  • Electrical- including wall sockets, switches, bulb sockets and fuse boxes.
  • Security- including locksmith services, burglary and malicious damage leaving the property unsecured.
  • Cleaning - including home cleaning after flood burst water mains, fire, burglary or storm.
  • Property claims service- including completing of claim forms and photographing damage.

How to use it?

Call us anytime on 435-2000 when you need us.